About Rooster Cogburn

What is this all about anyway?

Rooster Cogburn, not the one played by John Wayne, is an internationally renowned animal expert. It is better to get the following out of the way first. Yes, in the past he hunted animals, notably in the timidelfdesigns film A Hat Made Of Mexico [production blog here] which contained segments about Rooster's hunt for the Man-turkey. However, a resulting court case and conversion to buddhism led Rooster to forego his love of hunting.

However, Rooster realised that he knew a lot about animals, and he still loved animals. This led to him calling up timidelfdesigns and pitching a new kind of wildlife documentary. One starring him and his zoophilic friends. Not just for money did Rooster dream up this series. It was designed to educate you, the humble viewer.

Join him, as over the coming season, he educates you on the animal kingdom.


All episodes of Rooster Cogburn: Official Wildlife Expert are released under the Creative Archive License which means you can download all the episodes and do what you like with them, as long as you agree to follow the license:

Competition Rules

The following rules are in effect:

  1. All entries must be received by the closing date of the competition. Any entries received after this date will be ignored.
  2. The winner will be contacted before the filming of the next show to find out whether they still want to receive the prize, as well as to get any address details that are needed.
  3. People involved with production, people going out with people involved with production and people what live with people involved with production can feel free to enter the competition, but it's pretty much guaranteed they won't win.
  4. Prizes are decided on after the closing date of the competition, and are to be kept secret until they are announced on the following episode of RC:OWE.
  5. Winners are announced at the same time.
  6. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.
  7. Prizes can only be sent to places within the UK (including islands, and Northern Ireland) in compliance with the Creative Archive License's UK only rule.
  8. If there are no correct answers to the competition, then all other entries received will be placed into a prize draw and a winner selected

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