Disaster Strikes

March 29th, 2011 by Murray Barnes | Posted in Kindle, Personal

I think it’s clear that I’m an idiot at times. As a human being, it is my prerogative to make mistakes, and bad mistakes? I’ve made a few. Admitting mistakes is not always easy, but perhaps getting them off my chest will make me feel better.

Here’s one mistake I made: while booking my most recent airline ticket to go see Katie, I accidentally ordered the return part of the ticket to leave from an airport 320 miles from Katie’s house, rather than her localish airport. That’s what happens when you try to book a complicated itinerary at 6AM, having not slept any in your excitement at being able to finally book a ticket.

Luckily for me, US Airways have a 24 hour no-fee cancellation policy for any reason when you book on the US Airways UK site, and the agents I dealt with were very friendly and cancelled it for me no bother. I then simply rebooked with my return leaving from Atlanta instead of Charlotte. Crisis averted.

Here’s another mistake I made, more recently though.

Well, fuck.

So, it turns out that when it’s dark, and you’re sitting on the floor, it’s a good idea to remember that your Kindle is sitting beside you and therefore not put your knee on it in an effort to stand up. Pro tip Kindle owners: the screen will not take 180 pounds in pressure.

There’s a semi-happy ending though, Amazon support are awesome. Even though accidental damage is not covered under the one year warranty, I’m getting a new Kindle in the post for only £47, roughly a third of the cost of buying a brand new one. It was a case of literally typing my mobile number into and five minutes later a cool French dude had agreed to send me a new Kindle.

So, I guess the moral is it’s ok to be an idiot, just buy from companies that get customer service. Thumbs up US Airways and Amazon, and thumbs down to my knee, which just cost me £50. Asshole.

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